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This "Quick Fix" video is just one part of the Coach It Up bowler development course.

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Coach It Up!
is BPAA’s new and exciting in-center bowler development course. It was designed with you and your center in mind. Coach It Up! is about helping your employees develop the coaching skills that will allow them to interact with your open play bowlers.

Coach It Up! is a two CD course: one for proprietors and managers and one for employees. The proprietor/manager CD is called the Head Coach Edition and the employee CD is entitled Coaching Candidates Edition.

As the Head Coach in your center, you will work closely in the development of these new coaches. At the end of each lesson, they will take a quiz and be instructed to discuss the lesson plan with you. This is a critical part of the course!

Coach It Up! can be order by clicking on the ACCESS STORE link. Or you can call J. Brock at BPAA, 800 343-1329.

If you are visiting this site to get your certification for completing the Coach It Up! course, just click on the link shown at the right, then complete and submit the form.

Thanks for joining the Coach It Up! Team.

It’s time to COACH IT UP!!!!

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