Bowling Industry Service Awards

2014 Recipients

Michael DucatMichael Ducat, Winter Haven, Fla.

Victor Lerner Memorial Medal and Induction into BPAA Hall of Fame – A member of the BPAA since 1988 Michael Ducat has made many contributions and given selfless service to the association and the bowling industry over a significant period of time, specifically his tenure as BPAA president and as interim executive director during 2001-2002. It was during those years Ducat demonstrated strong leadership and integrity in helping change the face of BPAA and the way it conducted its business that is still present in the current business model. 

Kevin KraussKevin Krauss, Seminole, Fla.

President's MedalPresented to an individual judged to have given exceptional support and/or made significant contributions to the BPAA and the industry in the eyes of the current BPAA president and Awards Committee. Kevin Krauss is recognized for his efforts as chair of the BPAA nominating committee and his efforts to restructure its procedures, strengthening the integtrity of interviews and developing a very professional process for both the association as well as board candidates.

Gary FormanGary Forman, Fountain Valley, Calif.

V.A. Wapensky Award Presented to an individual who has made a major contribution to the advancement of the bowling industry. Named after long-time BPAA Executive Director, V.A. "Chief" Wapensky. Gary Forman is recognized for his efforts to advance bowling on a local, regional and state level through programs in his own center and assisting other proprietors to succeed in theirs. Forman has the distinction of being nominated by both the Bowling Centers of Southern California as well as the Northern California Bowling Centers associations - a true testament to his wide appeal as a positive contributor to the sport.

Past Recipients





1976 Eddie Goldberg Manny Levy  
1977 Frank Baker* Don Lowry  
1978 Roy Snyder Frank Caprise  
1979 Sam Levine Billy Williams  
1980 Alberta Crowe* Neil Scherbarth  
1981 Billy Williams Nick Mormando  
1982 Dez Isaacson Don Hillman  
1983 Don Lowry Rex Golobic  
1984 C. C. Bearden Ruben Dankoff  
1985 Ted Sieler Al Hurwitz Eddie Elias
1986 Rex Golobic Walter Hall Roger Tessman
1987 Nick Mormando Syl Sobanski Mort Luby
1988 Manny Levy Pete Santora Jack Reichert
1989 Carl Hindel Don Drooker Chris Schenkel
1990 Ruben Dankoff Sonny Frantz Remo Picchietti
1991 Frank Caprise Al Winkel Flora Mitchell
1992 Pete Santora Jack Thomas Jim Bennett
1993 Harry Wells Marcel Fournier Keijiro Nakano
1994 Neil Scherbarth Howard Baum Sandy Hansell
1995 Syl Sobanski Bruce Davis Helen Duval
1996 Sonny Frantz John LaSpina Allen Crown
1997 Walter Hall Dennis Fanucchi Joyce Deitch
1998 Don Hillman Kurt Brose John Sommer, Jr.
1999 Erv Hoinke, Jr. Jerry Ray Jim Dressel
2000 Keijiro Nakano Frank DeSocio Joe Schoenberg
2001 V. A. ‘Chief’ Wapensky Ruth Macklin Dick Weber
2002 John LaSpina Alan Douglas Chuck Pezzano
2003 William Boje Cathy Cooper Hazel McLeary
2004 Jamie Brooks Patrick Ciniello Alton Forbes
2005 John Crum Michael Ducat Frank Esposito
2006 Ruth Macklin Rex Haney Sylvia Broyles
2007 John Sommer Jack Moran Dick Evans
2008 Howard Baum Ed Zitnik Bruce Davis
2009 Rex Haney Larry Moyes Mike Hennessy
2010 Ted Hoffman, Jr. Tom Martino Roger Dalkin
2011 Pat Ciniello Mark Voight Bob Gudorf
2012 Jeff Bojé John Losito John Davis
2013 Jack Moran Dick Corley / Tim Corley Hero Noda
2014 Michael Ducat Kevin Krauss Gary Forman
*  Victor Lerner Award not exclusive to proprietors prior to 1981

Ruben A. Dankoff Award for Public Policy and Legislative Service

The Ruben A. Dankoff Award for Public Policy and Legislative Service is awarded by the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America on an as-deserved basis.  It is awarded to a proprietor or bowling industry leader who, or a proprietor organization which, provides outstanding voluntary service on the Federal, state or local governmental levels in the development of legislation, public policy initiatives, or other political efforts, which benefits BPAA members, the BPAA itself or the bowling industry as a whole.  The BPAA Legislative Committee shall, as it determines appropriate, nominate deserving individuals or organizations to the BPAA Awards Committee.  The Awards Committee will make any final selections based upon the recommendations of the Legislative Committee.  Presentation of any Dankoff Award shall be made at an annual meeting of the members of the BPAA or at such other time as determined by the Board of Directors.

Past Recipients

2001 Ruben A. Dankoff
2002 Dick Tanner
2003 Charlie Hall
PA BPA: Norm Brumberg, Doug Eiserman, Terry Brenneman and Al Blough
2004 Bob Herbolsheimer
2005 Jerry Ray
2006 Ron Richard
2007 Rex Golobic
2008 Kenn Rockler
2009 New York State BPA
2010 Bob Stubler
2011 None Awarded
2012 None Awarded
2013 Bill DeDominicis

 Dick Weber Bowling Ambassador Award

This award is named in memory of hall of fame professional bowler Dick Weber, bowling’s global ambassador, who spent a lifetime setting the standard for all bowling athletes by elevating the positive image of bowling and promoting the game and sport of bowling to all ages both on and off the lanes.  This award will be presented by the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America to a bowling athlete, male or female, who has consistently shown grace on and off the bowling lanes by promoting the game and sport of bowling in a positive manner.
Past Recipients

2005 Dick Weber
2006 Dick Ritger
2007 Helen Duval
2008 Carmen Salvino
2009 Mike Aulby
2010 Johnny Petraglia
2011 Parker Bohn III
2012 Norm Duke
2013 Bob Hart

 Special Projects

Presented to an individual (or individuals) recognizing their efforts and contribution on a particular special BPAA and/or bowling project.

Past Recipients

1995    Jim Patrick
1996    Hank Totzke
1997    Ed Zitnik, Mike Hennessy
1998    Ruth Macklin, Brett Dankoff, David Spiegel, Larry Moyes
1999    Chuck Seiberling, Ron Tomassoni
2000    Jeff Bojé, Alan Douglas, Rick Bourgeois
2001    Peppe Smith, Bill Scheid, Bob Reid
2002    Bob Jarlenski
2003    Dave Haness
2004    Don Labrecque, Roger Wiemer
2005    Luby Publishing
2006    Greg Olsen, Scott Bennett
2007    C. J. Fox
2008    Wally Hall
2009    Hank Harris
2010    Dan Labrecque
2011    None Awarded
2011    Bev Van Blair
2013    Hall of Fame Xtravaganza

 BPAA Media Award

The BPAA Media Award will be presented to a national and/or local, non-bowling industry media representative who, through either print or electronic media, made significant contributions to furthering the sport and business of bowling.

Past Recipients

2003 Rick Press, Fort Worth (TX) Star Telegram
2004 Bud Fisher
2005 Ellen DeGeneres
2006 ESPN
2007 Good Morning America
208 Matt Fiorito, Detroit Free Press
2009 Kent Lowe – Baton Rouge Advocate
2010 No Recipient
2011 No Recipient
2012 No Recipient
2013 Joe LaSpina / John Laspina


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