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Bob Stubler Presenting Check to Mark Kirk Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

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Legislative Advocacy

BPAA stays extremely active on the legislative, regulatory and political fronts on behalf of the BPAA member centers. Legislatively, BPAA commits its efforts to communicating with Congressional and Senate leaders on a variety of issues important to bowling proprietors. BPAA's Washington Legislative Counsel, Berman & Co., keeps proprietors informed so they can remain effective with their vote.

On BPAA's political front, the hard work of committee members, state association executive directors and numerous volunteers, as well as, BPAA's Political Action Committee (BPAC) work diligently to increase fundraising efforts. Through BPAC fundraising, BPAA and all of its members remain an active part in elections for the United State House of Representatives and Senate.

Inside this section you'll find legislative updates, reports from Berman & Co., BPAC news and information as well as archived issues of Capitol Comment, BPAA's quarterly legislative newsletter.


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