Introducing the BPAA-Pepsi Co-Op marketing Program

Pepsi WOW Program

We want to help you market your center! While we offer programs to drive traffic and promote your products, sometimes help comes in the form of CA$H!

Now, centers can get help with funding their marketing programs just by supporting the BPAA Pepsi program.

Centers who are on the BPAA - Pepsi program will accrue funds at the rate of $0.25 a gallon that can be used for marketing campaigns.

All you need to do is market your center to your community anyway you see fit! By filling out a simple form, your center will earn the accrued funds for Pepsi gallons you poured. Funds are payable twice a year along with the centers regular rebate funds.

For a list of guidelines and a Co-Op form - Contact the BPAA Member Benifits Department - 800-343-1329 or: 

Download Co-Op Form Here

  Pepsi Bowling  


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