IBC Youth Committee Charge

Purpose: Monitors and promotes youth programs. It makes recommendations regarding youth-specific benefits and events, youth leader programs, and elects the two Youth representatives to the USBC Board. This committee also presents recommended youth-related rule and bylaw changes to the USBC Board.

IBC Youth Committee is limited to no more than 15 members but may exceed that number until current positions expire. Terms are staggered.

The committee shall be comprised of the following:

  • Six (6) Members for USBC
  • Six (6) Members for BPAA
  • Three (3) members who, no more than three years prior to appointment were Junior Team USA members or Youth Ambassador of the Year

Committee Members

Chrissie Kent (chair), Blair Blumenscheid, Mike Cannington, Chad Estes, Christopher Floyd, Taffany Shipp, Nadine Swee, Irene Wilson, Aaron Yurtovich.

Staff liaison: Gary Brown