Call for Nominations Extended

2015 Bowling Industry Services Awards

With the holidays behind us and a great start into 2015 including outstanding Bowling Summit in San Antonio, we are extending the deadline for a few key awards because we know there are amazing people in our industry and we should recognize and honor them at this year's Bowling Industry Service Awards Luncheon at International Bowl Expo.

Please take a moment to read through the award descriptions and the list of some of the past recipients, then send through the nomination form for at least one person you know that might be deserving of one of these prestigious awards. Submission deadline extended to: February 27, 2015.

Victor Lerner Memorial Medal: Presented to a proprietor for selfless service to the industry over a significant period of time. The Victor Lerner Award is the highest BPAA honor and represents induction into the BPAA Hall of Fame. This award requires a final approval from the Board of Directors.

Past recipients include: Michael Ducat, Jack Moran, Jeff Boje, Pat Cinello, Ted Hoffman Jr, Rex Haney, Howard Baum, John Sommer, Ruth Macklin, John Crum, Jamie Brooks, and John LaSpina.

V.A. Wapensky Award: Presented to an individual who has made a major contribution to the advancement of the bowling industry.

Past recipients include: Gary Forman, Nero Noda, John Davis, Bob Gudorf, Roger Dalkin, Mike Hennessy, Bruce Davis, and Dick Evans.

Special Projects Award: Presented to an individual or group to recognize their efforts and contributions on a particular special bowling project, program, or event.

Past recipients include: Natalie Savant for Natalie's Striking Summer, Hall of Fame Extravaganza, Bev Van Blair, Dan Labrecque, Hank Harris, Wally Hall, CJ Fox, Greg Olsen, Scott Bennett, and Luby Publishing.

Proprietor of the Year: Presented to a proprietor in each state who has been nominated by his or her state association for outstanding contributions to the industry and sport of bowling.

Nomination Forms

Nomination Form Extension Proprietor of the Year

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